It has been over a week since Jive World 2009 and the vibe is still going strong! From the time we arrived at Jive World in San Francisco, the sense of community was everywhere.

Companies, Partners, Speakers and Jive Software all gathered together to discuss the forefront of everything Social. Stronger, more integrated marketing and sales performance.  Better connected employees. Improved product ideation and development. More efficient and responsive customer support. These are the topics that wafted through the event from the intimate round-table sessions to the partner expo area.

This was educational. Participants learned about techniques for growing and managing communities. They learned about building the business case for social business software and how to measure success. Jive Software provided details on their product roadmap and attendees cheered as new feature sets were revealed. The analysts agreed as newly published reports showed Jive to be an even more strongly positioned leader.

I think one of the most compelling things that happened though, was the connection among Jive’s customers. We saw people sharing ideas on content strategy, community management and business integration – these are case studies in the making . And how appropriate that the discussion continues on line in a JiveWorld Community.

I was honored to be invited as a speaker on Jive’s expert panel “Community – Bringing It All Together”. The conversation during the panel was thought-provoking. Why is the ROI-bar higher for Social Business Software than other marketing programs? How will the social context change business models? What is the future of eMail? How will we navigate the abundant streams of information in the years to come? The answer to this last question: the information will present itself to us – based on our context, our proximity to others, our recent activities, our needs, and more. That makes sense and concepts like “serve not search” and  creating a more socially designed business are at the forefront of our thinking at 7Summits.

Our booth at the expo focused on our key concepts of Social Business Strategy, Connected Social Campaigns and Applied Social MediaSM for business. Many attendees stopped by to share that although they had “broken through” and established a strong and viable community, they had not taken the time to devise an overall Social Business Strategy. They are now being asked to do so – measuring their success and then propagating it to other parts of the organization. Marketing extending toward sales enablement. Customer Service and Opinion Leaders providing product feedback to Product Development. Human Resources leveraging community for recruiting, employee indoctrination and sustained involvement. We’ll share some models for a more socially designed business in detail in the coming weeks.

As we headed home, community was oozing from every corner of our minds. Even the Kansas City airport terminal layout (shown here) reflects the type of imagery that we have been applying to Social Business Models. Community is everywhere!