7Summits Quick-Start Program Salesforce Community Builder

Launch a Community on Salesforce.com in four weeks!

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Salesforce Community Quick-Start Program

From Kickoff to First Ascent in 4 weeks — Let’s Gear Up!

Building a Customer Community can be easy. Making it successful is not. You’ve likely heard how communities are challenging the status quo and are creating opportunities to completely reinvent how you communicate, collaborate, and engage with your customers.

The 7Summits Customer Community “First Ascent” Quick Start program has been specifically engineered to launch a Customer Support experience on the Salesforce.com platform in four weeks.

The Salesforce Community Builder is an intuitive, easy-to-use toolset to help you create a community based on a preconfigured template that allows you to iterate quickly using available drag-and-drop elements called Lightning Components. Bringing extensive experience launching communities, your 7Summits team will guide you through the process of defining, configuring and launching your initial release.

The community includes features to enable your customers to:

  • Search and find key product and support information
  • Ask questions and participate in discussions
  • Find trending topics and knowledgeable people
  • Form groups of cohorts and common interests
  • Submit and track formal requests for support

Additionally, this solution will provide you with a powerful foundation from which you can reach new customer engagement heights by adding functionality and serving new audiences in future releases.


Your Guide to Successful Community

By focusing exclusively on online communities since our inception in 2009, we’ve developed a unique set of insights and experience to guide you from planning and design to successful community launch. As your guide, 7Summits will help you answer key questions, get your initial community deployed, and get you well-positioned for a broader deployment of your future Salesforce Community-based solutions.
We recognize quick-start scenarios can be just the beginning. We are a partner who will be there to guide you on the journey all the way to your Summit.

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