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With our complimentary Migration Readiness Review, our sherpas will walk you through the important steps and decisions to ensure your successful migration.

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Community Migration Doesn’t Have To Be a Headache.

If your original platform solution isn’t scalable or doesn’t fit with your forward-thinking company roadmap, you’re probably wondering what it will take to migrate to your preferred community solution.

Our expertise in community migration and award winning community customization means you can stop worrying and start planning. 7Summits Migration Factory works with:

Lithium | Jive | Sharepoint | Open Source | IBM Connections | Visual Force

Benefits of Migrating off Legacy Community Solutions

Cost Savings

  • Providing ongoing remediation, maintenance, customization and integration support for your existing platform costs more than a new platform
  • The cost of license fees associated with the new community platform are lower than existing fees

User Experience

  • User experience improves when disparate processes, tools and point solutions are consolidated into a unified, simplified interface
  • On-the-go mobile users benefit from improved communications with new, more responsive platforms

Eliminate Silos

  • User benefit from a single sign-on across multiple systems
  • Community members enjoy a platform that integrates with current business processes and eliminates redundant content



Migration Quick Guide

7Summits Sherpas wrote the Essential Community Migration QuickGuide to help you get the migration conversation started with your team. In this download, you’ll gain deeper insights around:

  • Key considerations when undertaking a migration
  • Step-by-step strategy development
  • Criteria to help define scope, cost and timelines
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What’s this sherpa thing all about?

You could scale Mt. Everest on your own, but it’s easier (and safer) to take advantage of the experience and expertise of a sherpa. It’s the same for communities.

Since 2009, we’ve focused exclusively on online communities, advancing social business across employee, customer and partner audiences for a wide-range of industries.

As the winner of the 2016 Salesforce Community Cloud Innovation Award, 7Summits has over 180 communities and nearly 30 design awards under its belt. From the early stages of business case formulation and strategic planning, to community implementation, to ongoing community management, our sherpas are here to help ensure your online community’s success.



It’s Never Too Soon To Chat With A Sherpa

Our sherpa guided Migration Readiness Review is a great place to start your migration process.

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