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'Not only do 7Summits employees feel a strong loyalty to their clients, there's also a shared value of commitment to the community.'

— CompanyMuse
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There is a “great race for community” going on in the business world right now. Companies are striving to both create destination communities that align with their business and establish collaboration environments for their employees that drive productivity and innovation. These truly are transformational projects that require guidance and insight.

7Summits is a rapidly growing Social Media Agency. Our brand promise is to engage customers, employees and partners to help grow our clients’ business. 7Summits has created a national presence with a growing base of Fortune 1000 companies while delivering the majority of our work right out of our offices located in Milwaukee and Chicago.

Why are we booming so much? Lots of reasons: we made some good decisions; Jive Software rocks and we’ve been Jivin’ for some time; we’re building an elite team; we’ve created a forward-looking culture and contemporary work environment; we’re strategic, but we can still execute to deliver the end result.

Our team is passionate, and that passion is driving our small company to do great things. Get ready to stretch your mind: 7Summits is a place for you to conquer your next summit.